Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So im dedicating this post to Poetry. Im a big fan of poets and people who have that ability to write. DEF poetry jam is def one of my FAV shows so im gonna post some clips.

SHIHAN- The Poet

Shihan is one of my favorites. "This Type Love" is an incredible poem about LOVE and the metaphors and similies he uses illustrates how creative he is. He performed This type of Def poetry Jam which basically launchedd his career. Below is him reciting the poem on the show.

Another one of my favorites from the show was Sista Queens- "Try Being a Lady". This is DEF in my top 10. The poem is about how society always Tells Girls to be ladys but what really is being a lady? America paints the picture of what a lady should be like but its not always logical. I love how she recites it and i can TOTALLY relate to the poem and Her. Cuz she bats for my team. haha. =]

Try Being A Lady - Sista Queen

Another really good poem by Steve Coleman

Moving Away from poetry..


Marky is 19 year old upcoming Artist From The D.C area. Marky's been getting ALOT of buzz lately. His "Oh Sheila" joint is tough and his latest Mixtape. Homework 4.3 is reallly good. i love the way he rhymes and what he says. Hes Not like all tehse other cats coming out which is Refreshing.
Check out his Myspace Here

And The Homework 4.3 Mixtape Here

Bonus MarkyWelcome To Markyland

THEE WIFE!. Shes amazing even tho we've been through HELL and back. but i love her i mean look at the pic? =] Shes Hella talented and Creative. Below is one of her INSANE poems entitled "Hurt"


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