Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Drive Thru


JAMES GRADY the drawing Ape

This kid is INSANELY talented. I first saw some of his work by the good fellas at gowhere. Then i hit up his myspace and saw some more and i was just immediately captured. This kid so SOOO unique most his paintings come from ALOT of nerd songs and have ALOT of hidden messages. His "Gotta Eat" painting is currently my wallpaper on my computer and The "Mind Control" is the wallpaper on my phone. ill show some of his paintings but in the meantime Check out his myspace Here

Here are two of his latest creations and his explantation behind them. COKE DIET- He done drinking diet coke, he’s on that coke diet…this is a cocaine trip painting…inspired by “everybody nose”…a cocaine story. So, that’s the concept, but how do i execute it?? I find myself flirting with contemporary pop images (i.e. play-doh, life, etc), so first thing that comes to mind is “coca-cola” often known as “coke”(shared nickname with cocaine.)…i want “coke” to become astro’s friend, but coke has to disguise his cons…has to disguise the fact that he’s a “killer.” So i thought of the title “everybody nose,” and decided to give “coke” the goucho glasses (first painting i put them in, smurfs came later)…and i put the glasses over “cola,” so all u or rather all astro sees is “coca.” The balloons with the color spots represent “the high.” [James]

KILL JOY - After listening to KILL JOY, I wanted to make a painting that symbolized life and death, but i didn’t want it to be too obvious. I began to think of the act of killing “joy”, which may lead to your demise because your erasing the things that made you..YOU…I always heard that people can be read like a book, but what happens when you write in that book, and erase everything before you turn it in to let some one to read?? The paper represents life, and everything on it is something that’s been apart of my life… back in middle/high school ppl would call me a nerd because i acted/thought differently than other guys, and that was foreign…so i’m weird (i guess.) Back in the elementary school, i was a real super soaker junkie…i had soooo many water guns, but as i got older i didn’t collect as many, and started to notice that some of the ppl were trading in their super soakers for actual guns (guess u gotta keep it gangsta, right?) Also, i havea sweet tooth…like i love candy, and when i was younger i’d always eat blow pops…sour apple and “super blue razz berry,” and then as i got older i sweets became sex ‘cuz “shawty, wanna lick lick lick the lollipop”…haha…I’ve always been a fan of cartoons, from the jetsons to batman tas to death note, but i thought the smurfs were appropriate for this painting…i made them my murderers, and they’re erasing everything i enjoy/love, it hurts so i scream for ice cream, so they put the whip cream and cherry on the lollipop..the killers gotta keep a disguise, so i gave ‘em the groucho specs. [James]


SIGH. joey. joey . JOEY! i FUCKIN love joe buddens. i ALWAYS did from that joint he did with 3rd storee. I had his first album and every song of his from the gwen stefani freestlye to why to doves cry to DEAR ANGELA. Never a day in my life have i slept on this guys ability and i have the most PASSION in the world for him if cats say hes corny. Hes totally underated. but recently he put out a song called WHO. which he just DESTROYS. its mainly about the state of which hip hop is in and shit. i completly argee all around with him with everything he says. He goes hard for about 5 minutes until the beat fades and OH this is only part 1. = ]

I’d hate to break it to you, numbers ALWAYS lie!”

Joe Budden- Who (pt. 1)

Nas- Hero

YEAAAA you know i was ESTACTIC when this video premiered. UGh my fav song right now. NAS is BACK UNTILTED is AMAZING. everyone shuld go buy it tho. Support my dude. HES truely HIPHOP and the one that needs to sell a MILL in the first week. real talk.

"Young, rich, and flashy Young, b!tch, I'm nasty All black clothes til ice lay on me so classy And every time I close my lids I can still see the borough, I can still see the BridgeI can still see the dreams that my niqqas ain't never lived to see Tell them angels open the door for me"

Asher Roth

Cats sleep on this guy. But hes Truelly dope to me.
Myspace Here

ROTH boys.

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