Sunday, July 27, 2008


This Marco Polo Bullshit is HORRIBLE. I'm sorry im not diggin it never really was feelin Soulja Boi cept she got a donk HAHA. And i like the 5 year old bow wow. lol Check it out. and PLEASE tell me this guy Bow ow doesnt have supras on in the water? well hey he got a black card right? loll.

ASHER ROTH. Your Moms Favorite Rapper Remember this cat i put you guys up on ealier?? well yea he did his first live performance in ATL he performed his "Throw the water on em" Freestyle

Jim Jones Speakin on the Nas protest and "Disses him i ges"

He made a good point about Recession and aint no money out there. TRU TALK times is fuckin rough for America with these prices goin SKY HIGH. But i mean he said Nas isnt a relevant rapper in the game. DID YOU HEAR HIS ALBUM? maybe he dont be out there like that but he has the best HIPHOP album out right kno? All this nigga Jimmy spit about is Swagger splashin.

Jazmine Sullivan

Jazmine Sullivans Vocals are AMAZING. Im pretty sure all of you know her by now from your VERY popular song "I Need you Bad" i know when i heard it it was on repeat for days and even my ringtone right now lol. BUT as MANY great female singers and Artists Shes been in the Industry for a min now Writing and doing background Vocals. She penned Christian Millians "Say I" Her song "In love with another man" Is AMAZINg and gives you chills. That song ACTUALLY got her her record deal when she sang it live for J.Records. But Keeep a look out for her cuz shes DEF gonna kill the R&B female game in a little. lol =] Click Here For her myspace

Check this out JAzmine Sullivan Age 11 @ the apollo. Steve is a clown. HAHA


Game Ft lil wayne- My life

Ludacris- Politics as Usual

Avant- When it hurts
Freeway- Flow Monster
Talib Kweli ft Marsha- Take it Back
Lll Wayne ft Tupac- Im ILL
Chris Brown- Diagonosed With Love
Ciara ft Ludacris- High Price
CORNY. lol.
Lil Wayne- I'm an Animal

Wiz Khalifa- Make it Hot
DMX- Solider DOPe.

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