Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Im gonna put this out now i am NOT a front runner when it comes to this music shit. Im not someone who hears a quick freestyle OH i love them. NO. ive been rockin wit freeway since 03. Clipse SINCE grindin and RYAN LESLIE in 03 when he had the think you know joint. and thats just a lil bit of who ive been rockin wit forever. TRUST me when i say this music shit has been my life since i was 12-13. MOVING ON lol

FREEWAY IS NOT PLAYIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FREEWAY! one of my favorite rappers from Rocafella is he still with them? But i rocked with This dude HEAVY. I Had philadelphia Freeway and his latest Free at last. I mean despite sells and everything i Liked that album?? idk. But this is my DUDE. Hes goin hard right now droppin a song everyday. Check some of these out

Freeway- Satisfied

Freeway- A2 B

Freeway- Cry (Freestlye)

Freeway- Freedom of Speech

Clipse On the Spot Freestyle

The Clipse Did a freestyle on on DJ Green Lanterns “Invasion Radio” Which was Crazy. Reup gang drops AUG 5th!! its piff sooo support them. 2 up 2 down. HAHA =]
Consequence ft. GLC & Really Doe- Disperse

Like The video. Dig the song.
"worst comes to worst my peoples come if you aint bustin down. PLEASE DISPERSE..."

Critical Mass Bicylist Assualted BY NYPD

Wrong. But from what im hearing Critical Mass Does some crazy shit?? Gotta dig deeper.

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