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whats popppin people. been a min. my comps been actin up and ish. i guarantee when fall comes youll get more posts and shit. but as far as updating theres been a crazy amount of things but right now ill just touch on a little.


UNTITLED!!!! ive been ampin this album up for min throughout this blog and numbers show it did not dissapoint. =] #1 album on the billboard charts and this album is slated as best hiphop album of the year. i mean WHY WOULDNT IT BE?!?! the goodfellas over at gowhere did a review on it. Overall the album gets a 9/10.

Love to sit in on the SenateAnd tell the whole government Y’all don’t treat women fairShe read about herself in the bible Believing she the reason sin is here You played her, with an apron Like bring me my dinner, dear She the nigger here Ain’t we in the free world?Death penalty in Texas kill young boys and girls Barbarity, I’m in the double-R casually Bugging how I made it out the hood, dazzle me How far we really from third world savagery? When the empire fall, imagine how crazy that’ll be..”
- Nas “America

The Dark Knight

DARK KNIGHT. i antipicated this movie for a while and it was AMAZING. Nas has the best hiphop album of the year and hands down Dark knight is the best MOVIE of the year. Heath ledger did an amazing job. it def is oscar worthy. But The joker was the classic criminal indeed. Dark Knight may be the summers highest grossing film and possibly for the ear. The midnight showing brought in 16 million ALONe and for the weekend it was $155.3 million. Sundays sales were 43.6 million for the day. So i suggest everyone go see this movie its a 2 hour and 30 min movie but it oes not dissapoint and honetsly will have your attention the whole time. BE APART OF HISTORY!! lol

Rick Ross Not keepin it THRILLLLA!

This has been circulating on the web recently how William Leonard Roberts bka Rock Ross worked as a correctional officer for 18 months. I mean everyones making a buzz about this mainly because his whole career revolved around his drug trafficking lifestlye. The first picture seen is his social Security number and showing that his salary was 22,000 and theres also a pic circulationg about the web of him shaking the hand of a women whne he graduated from a correctional academy. This is what Ross had to say about the issue:

“My life is 100% real,” he said. “These online hackers putting a picture of my face when I was a teenager in high school on other peoples’ body. If this s**t was real don’t you think they would have more specifics, like dates and everything? I’m in the entertainment business and a lot of people who like to hate because I’m on top of my game. Like I said before my life is 100% real. I live by this die by this. Fake pictures are created by the fake, meant to entertain the fake.”

This is what he said BEFORE the social security number photo was posted up. I mean i dont really care.. alot of rappers lie about what they have, who they shot, and what they did in their past life. Half the shit you see in the Rap/hiphop world is gimmicky and false. They do it to have a hard persona and sell records. Its a buisness to them. i Never pay attention to any of that but the music. If he sold coke or locked cats up FOR seeling coke doesnt make a diffrence Hes still one of the Hottest rapers in the game. Shouldnt of Denyed it tho if its true..just makin the situation worse.


Heres a Cat from Cali. Hes kinda Dope to me. His flow is Slow like he aprocahes tracks diffrently to me then other cats do. I like alot of cali artists truth be told. I love His "Dreams come True" joint but the recent shit thats been aound is his Watermelon Sundae joint. Check out his Myspace Here And the Watermelon sundae song below

" Life aint sweet Saturday through monday but in the summertime you my watermelon Sundae" =]

DOM KENNEDY Watermelon Sundae from Jason Madison on Vimeo.


Lol. Video is cool. Song is Straight. Dont think i would get a whole lbum of fonzworth bentely tho. andre Delievers as usual. one of the reason why i vibe to the song. The group is C.O.L.O.U.R.S with ye and i forgot the other cats name but i kno who it is lol later date ill leave it. Click
Here For the Mp3 version of the song.


Lil wayne f/ mike Tyson- American Dream Hott.

R.kelly- Heaven Chose You Hott.

Avant- Yes Dope.

Ja Rule f/ robin Thicke- Pushin It

Mario- Promise Land Dope.

Gorilla Zoe f/ Lil Wayne- "Lost" Hott.

Brandy- Fall Hott.

Trey Songz- Murder She Wrote Dope.

Ne-yo- Miss Independent Dope.

Freeway- Freedom of Speech

Mario- I choose you Dope.

Swizz Beatz- "That Oprah" Hott.

Kid CuDi- Pillow talk

Movad0- Inna di Car Back

T.I- Whatever you like

Robin Thicke ft Freeway- Magic (remix) Hott.

Teejay f pleasure p- Hard to find Hott.

Lloyd- Year of the lover Dope.

Ace hood f/Trey Songz- Ride or Die Hott.

R.Kelly- skin Hott.

The Game f Raheem Devaughn- touchdown (snip) Dope.

Song of the day:

Joe Budden- Who pt.3

This is the end of Joe buddens "who" trilogies. Joey goes Hard on all three i think i posted pt. 1 and 2 before so hit those up if u havent heard them yet. i feel lke theres gonna be alot of HATE towards joe once These hit mainstream hard.

" So next time they ask who killed it them em WE DID"

Supra NS Fall 2008 Collection

These Are DEF the shoes of the future in my eyes. This is actually Supra’s non - skate collection, which has seen recent success in past seasons, and looks to see the same results this upcoming Fall. They are releasing several models, some of which we know, as well as some new ones which they are adding to their line-up. Features include premium leathers, lots of patent and other premium details. FRESH.

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