Monday, June 30, 2008


So After all the drama and hype of Jay-z Performing at the 2008 glastonbury festival and how the tickets didnt sell because he was a hip hop artist, Jay-z took the stage this weekend and it was a success. No doubt in my mind that it wouldnt of been. But Jay started his show doing a cover of Oasis "wonderfall". Overall it was a good show for Jay and it changed many peoples minds about him. Below is a Clip of his performance..
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In OTHER Newsss related to Jay-z. Rumor has it that hes been looking into investing into the New York Yankees. As if owning Rocawear, Rocafella, 40/40 clubs, his own Vodka, and part of the Nets isnt enough. Like he said "He's a BUISNESS MAN"

As many have probally heard about the whole Max b, Jim jones beef. How Max B was droped from Byrd gang and he was the ghost writer for jimmy and on all the hooks. People are feelin like Jimmy lost somethin cuz Maax B is HOT. he brings that waviness his hooks are tight and now Byrd Gang tryna replace the man who for years was behind the pen for jimmy. This is Old but dj Lazy K. Shout out to youuuuu mama. keep doin your thing. but anyway Lazy K recently did an interview about the situation. Check it out.

NASSIRRR!!! this dude is truely inspirational and one of my FAVORITE rappers of all times. As we all know He had to change his Album title from "Nigger" which idk if i agree or dont agree with. But From the recent leakage of his songs i can expect this coming album to be GREAT. "Black President" is amazing. and OF COURSE i love "hero" cuz my girl Keri Hilson is on the track. i cant wait for "Untitled" lol to drop. below is some of the songs out. and also check out his latest mixtape "The Nigger Tape" shit is DOPE. word.

Nas "Fried Chicken" f/ Busta Rhymes

Nas- Sly Fox

Nas "Hero" f/ Keri Hilson

Nas- "Black President"

DOPEST SNEAKER OUT! bet that babbbby. lol no but what your looking at is the Han Cholo x Puma First Round-Goldie Edition. Puma Lately has been doing collboraton models. The dopest other than these ive seen is the YO ! MTV raps editon. those are sick. But this is their latest. The Artist who did these was Han Cholo who is a Jewerly designer. The feature of the shoe has a reflective gold upper and royal purple satin accents. They Carry the Jewerly theme to a whole diffent level making their nickname Goldie Han. These are limited and on retail for $300


The Wii has been a HUGE hitt. i think the console is amazing. They just recently came out with a WII fit which is insane. but the next generation of WII will be mind control. CRAZY RIGHT! For this to happen all you need is a headset which uses brainwaves to control characters and features immersing in-ear headphones. This will be the first mind controlled console on the market. CRAZY DOPE and im copin soon as it hits retailors lol.


T.I= "Louie Rag" (Production:Swizz Beatz

Hot song from T.I What do u expect from him honetsly? lol Paper Trail is gonna be HOT which i cant wait for. This is a diffrent track then the other ones relaesed "Better DaY" and "No Matter What' was more about his life and what he was going through but its refreshing to hear somethin diffrent and of course with SWIZZy on the beat you gotta hit. a *FAV* so a must DL.


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