Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lessons In Love

Really dont like postin albums before they drop but o well i ges. =/ im not even really sure if this is the OFFICIAL track listing. But.. LLoyds Lessons in love drops AUG. 5th so go cop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can preview it here which will just make you WANT to go out and get it. lol.

1. Sex Education
2. Girls Around the World (ft. Lil Wayne)
3. Treat You Good
4. Year of the Lover
5. I can Change your Life
6. Lose your Love
7. Have my baby
8. Love Making 101
9. Party All over your body
10. Touched by an Angel
11. I'm Wit It
12. Heart Attack
Download Here

Second Part of the CNN special: Black in America was the other night. Topic was Black Men. This one was interesting as well. Some information was really captivating. Spike Lee spoke as well as D.L Hugley and Lupe Fiasco. They follwed Micheal Eric Dyson and his brother. That was a good story. Micheal is a professor at georgetown and his brother is doing a life sentence in prison. Both grew up the same with loving parents but it was more of CHOICES, and OPPORTUNITES because micheal IS light skin and his brother was dark. So it was interesting I'll leave you with a clip of it.

Nas Vs. Fox News

Posted above is a video of Nas giving a speech at a protest against Fox the other day. The speech was very inspiring. As we know Nas has a song called "Sly Fox" which is MANILY about how fox treats Black America how they perceived him. ThE video conveys the song more and ill post a video of that as well. During the speech Nas spoke out about how Fox should stop making threats at Obamas wife michelle Calling her Obamas 'baby mama". How fox makes numerous racist attacks and slurs and he also goes in on That idiot Bill O Reily. but its def interesting so check it out.

Christian Rich

Lol. Theres a Funni story the way i found out about this guys but their DOPE. They started out as producers then turned to Artists. Like when i heard their "Famous Girl" joint i loved it. And i thought they were like some real low key artist but they did the "Hello" joint for timbaland thats them on the hook and i was like WHOA. cuz i loveedddd that song when Shock Value came out. But newho. Their tight. Gotta check out their Famous girl joint they kinda give a shout out to the Have which blew my mind lol. But click Here For their Myspace.

?QuestLove Teamed up with nike and produced a special edition colorway for The Air Force Ones. Course their Limited why wouldnt they be? but They start retail Augst 1st at Alife in NYC and other stores will start sells later such as the 5th and 7th.

I like. =]

Junya Watanbe x Vans

Not gonna lie.....I truelly Enjoy these. HAHA =]

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