Monday, July 28, 2008

My True Religion is Paper.

Kanye doin the "Rolled of Sleeves look" I dig it?!. Is that a timexxxx on the wrist?! haha. Speaking of Kanye i watched His homecoming special on MTV tonight which was REALLY good. If you missed it or havent heard about it..Basically Kanye and Sway went to Homes of 3 vets from Iraq who since theyve came back been dealing with PTS..Debt..and just getting back on their feet. Kanye pays all their debt and basically just gives them hope to restart their life. And also gave them tickets to his Glow in the dark tour. It was REALLY good to me. They were so grateful. =] Heres the trailor


This is sexy. Almost makes me wanna trade in my iphone.......................THINK NOT. hehe. =]


Still need to invest in a macbook but this touch wouldnt be a to shabyy first purchase. = ]

PAM "space race" Cycling Caps

UM...i fucks with these. =] Shit goes for like 6Gs. But i WILL find it cheaper lol.

DJ Drama & Ludacris- The Preview Mixtape

VERY anticpated mixtape. Havent got to listen to it all but from the tracks i heard are serious so ill share it.
Download Here


VERY much overdo artist spotlight but my friend just reminded me about this cat. Some of you know him as "WheelChair Jimmy" on Degrassi But he switched it up from acting to pursue his music career. He wasnt signed for a min and still puttin out hits like. Hes From toronto which is diffrent. I like him like hes truelly a tripe threat. Acts, Raps, and gets his R&B shit on once in a while. His Rhymes are Dope, PLUS he fucks with patron HEAVY lol. But newho. His Mixtape "Comeback Season" is INSANSE. i can literally listen to all 24 songs. Check it out below and also check out his myspace Here

"I'm incredible un-fuckin forgettable come to records i will eat it if its edible, they say the futures always forseen thats why i steady gettin more money more cream, my flow is stuck in the moment that comes before dreams."

MY lovely D&G's came today. OWWWWW. =]

Really diggin R.Kellys New Cd..might post that up tommrow. TILL THEN.

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