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This Lady is the EPTIOME of DOPE. And my Idol. =] Most of you prolly know her from being pharrell's GF and ish. But Shes Also a video director, party promoter, and director of creative services for Island Def Jam. Not to mention her style is impeccably hot. =] She went to the Visual Arts school is NY so she due to her studys shes becoming a rising video director. She did the Us Placers joint which i thought was kinda dope and creative. I love all her videos their creative and what alot of videos lack today. Shes also the designer for Pharrell's Billionare boys club line and his other one. Shes apart of a party group who holds partys in NY their called "1992" and their themes are the 90's which is INSANE! So shes pretty much an all around AMAZING person lol. I love her. and im hearin through the grapevine...someones a BULL fan. =] haha i'll post some of her work Shes done.
Check out her myspace Here
Her Blog Here
And Her Youtube Channel Here

Us Placers- Lupe, Kayne & Pharrell

Armand Van Helden- I Want your soul -Directed by Vashtie


So i know MILLIONs of Black Americans tuned in last night for CNNs special. and nonetheless it was VERY captivating and interesting. The first part last night was about black women & Family. They followed "The Rand family". The topics stemmed from Single parent familes struggling to live to Successful Single women who find the pressures of Dating outside of their race. And a SUCCESFUL black family owning a black buisness with 5 childern whove succeeded. So i do think They covered from many diffrent aspects what it is truelly like to be black in america. They didntt just focus on the poor but how there ARE black familys together doing well. Thres three arts and tonights part is about "The Black man' Their Hella interesting i do think EVERYONE not only blacks should tune in because you can learn alot. Its on at 9pm. on CNN.

GNARLES BARKLEY- Who's Gonna Save My Soul Now?

amazing video. The Concept is GREAT. Gnarles Barkely is soo creative. At this point you can tell i digg creativity lol. i also love how the Hearts lips are hella big. HAHA. But check it out.

"Yet I never stopped to wonder
Was it possible you hurtin' worse than me
Still my hunger turns to greed Cause what about what I need?
Whos gonna Save my soul Now?"

Kid Cudi

Soo. This cats been circulating around alot lately ive never really paid any atention to him because at first listen i dont really vibe to him but now with more listens im startin to digg his song "Day N Nite" Hes DEF diffrent then alot. which i do see in alot of new artists. I posted up his pillow talk song on a recent post so check that out. On his lil mspace bio thing he says

"im not da most insightful rapper, im not ya Talib Kweli, ya Mos Def, ya Kanye, uhhh ya Common, or anyone like dat...i dont consider myself a genius, but i aint a dummy either...if u like my music its not gonna b bcuz of some witty line i said or me bein political, its gonna b bcuz u connect with me as a person n u relate 2 my story at the same puttin yaself n my SB Dunks u feel me?"

Like thats DOPE. I feel alot of music SHOULd be about being able to connect and relate to the artist esp if their wearing dunks. lol i Fucks with kid cudi. HAHA. He recently just dropped his mixtape called " A kid named Cudi" Im not gonna post it up if you wanna vibe with him locate it. But check out his myspace Here His trailor FOR his mixtape that just dropped is kinda cool to me so check that out.

"A Kid Named Cudi" The Mixtape (Trailer) from on Vimeo.


Wait for it They'll show the fight at about 1:41 but .This has DEF gotten alot of attention Well a fight took place at the Palace (funni same place the pistions and pacers brawl took place) tuesday night in the game of the Sparks and Shock. Theres always been a riviarly between the two. BUT suppsoedly Candace Parker had been gettin banged around the entire game which doesnt come as a surprise being Bill laimbeer is Detriots coach and Rick Mahorn the assitent. Anyway. you can watch the video and its self explanitory. The end result was 4 players being ejected including the Shocks assitant coach Mahorn for pushing lisa down. My take on it is that Candace has HATERS point blank. shes a phenomanal player comes in the league and dunks on chicks i mean of course theres gonna be animosity and Especially stemming from a rivarly and the coaching. The Shock had so many players suspended they had to sign Nancy Lieberman to play with them and the lady is 50 years old? CRAZY!. CP3 is still the best in the league right now lol HANDS DOWN.

im gonna be back tommrow with a better post about the Nas protest against fox second half of black in america ALOT of music and another dope artist. =] peace.

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