Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Keri Hilson!

I told yalll man!!! ever since i heard her voice on timbalands- "Miscommunication" I LOVE HER!! guess its that A&R in me lol. but shes an amazing songwriter and an amazing singer and basically an amazing person all in all. Shes been on other artists hooks for a while especially Nas's joint Hero and she finally released her own song entitled Energy. It permiered on 106 and park the other day. And its amazing! check it out. most likely its bad quality but o well she looks amazing.

Untitled is in stores TODAY!!!

EVERYONE and i mean EVERYONE should go get it. ITS DEF one of the best hip hop albums of the summer and probally RIGHT NOW. This man needs to sell a mill his first week. DEF a must hae in your collection. The picture above is Nas performing at Alife NYC's courtyard. Alife did a pre release album party for him. “In celebration of Nas’ new album: ALIFE and NaS did a T-shirt together. Only 100 packs produced for sale, and their available exclusively at ALIFE NYC on Tuesday, July 15th. Which is today and the day is album drops. =]

Heres the shirt.

Kanye's New Absolut World Commericial

Funny shit. i havent posted anything about Kanyes tablet on being kanye or watever the shits funni if i locate it ill put it up. but yea just check this out.


This Kats dope. His style is New Wave, Soul, Hip hop. Hes nice to me. like i can listen to him and be in a mellow mood. "Departure" is one of my favorites from him. I love the way he ryhmes and what he says. The Beats he rhymes over are crazy to me. Its somethin new to the ear for most hiphop or rap lovers. Kinda reminds of me Nerd. His New single "SandCastles is the official remix produced for solanges album.
Check out his Myspace Here

BLINDFOLDED - Theophilus London

Gym class Heros- The Quilt Album Cover

The album Artwork is dope and robaly one hte best abums ive seen in a long time. It shows creativity. I feel like Creativitys been lost within the Music industry and albums nowadays. But gym class always brings that. Heres a permeire of their new song with bustya Rhymes "Peace Sign" Dope song. Dope Video

Who Pt. 2

INSANE! cant wait for pt. 3 = ]

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