Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Yea im back ppl i kno its been FOREVER. Just been busy. Celebrated 19 years on 08.08.08 =] headed back to CT tommrow mornin while dieing from a spider bite. lol but ill update more when im there..wit that saiddddddddddddd its late but ill try to cram some stuff in while my comp is decent.

New Track from Jay- Produced by Kanye..Timbaland said he was headin the Blueprint 3 but now theres rumors Kanye is doin most of the production??? either way i ges its a solid track Kanye did the Bangladesh thing the way he created the beat. That prolly went over some heads. But i ges i fuck wit it.

Jay-z- "Jockin Jay-z"
"Haters like Hov why you still talkin money shit?...........cuz i like money BITCH. I like fly shit you like gossip. I let you do you why u ridin my tip?"

Out of love i dont hate. HAHA. JoJo and his group "Team Blackout" if you dont kno who they are Jojo is the son of Rev Run. He created a group with his two friends on last season"Run's house" MOST OF YOU KNO! neway. Team blackout teamed up with Dj webstar for the j5 song. idk if ILL being j5in the parties but i dont knock they get some shine hopefully they come with somethin harder next time around. Debut Album drops Aug 19th!!!!


LORDWILLIN. My boisssss The clipse will be debuting their clothing line "Play cloths" to select retailors this holiday. I Love the logo cant wait to see what else they have. oh yea RE UP GANG is in stores NOW! =]

ILL. The faded look is crazy.

Gym Class Heroes "Cookie Jar" Behind the Scenes

Kanye West- "Champion"

lol great timing for the video.

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