Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Way i See it

Raphael Saadiq- "The Way I See it"
AMAZING ALBUM!! you may remember this guy as the lead singer of Tony Toni Tone! and Lucy Pearl. And now this is his 3rd solo album?? But neway it is AMAZING. I love his sound. Some tracks to check are "100 yard Dash" ,"Just one kiss" MY FAV "Loving that girl" and "Oh girl" I'm Not posting The album up Because i feel people should go get it. But if you need to decide if its anygood im tellin you! check those songs out and youll love it. 

MELO-X- "The Way i see it Remix"
MELO-X  a producer Took Saadiqs Album and flipped it. He did a great job its DOPE.

Christian Rich- "I found my Favorite Beats and Rhymed to them while watching Coming to America :The Decay mixtape"

SOOOO excited about this. Do you rmember these cats i did an artist spotlight on?! WELL They just blessed us with a new Mixtape sponsored by the streetwear company Lamar & Dauley. Lately ive been into the Electro Style of music cuz rap lately has been corny to be besides Jeezy and kanye isnt even rapping nemore. SO i fuck with the electro vibe. NEWAY as i stated before these twins are DOPE! This mixtape has a unique style. This is just a teaser untill Their album "The Decadence" Drops later this year. I suggest everyone check it out and open your minds up to new styles and music. PLUS the artwork is dope

Download it Here

T.I Feat Justin Timberlake- "Dead & Gone"

AHH PAPER TRAIL SEPT 30!!!! Dope Song. GREAT vibe. The feat isnt to shabby either. ;) 
Download Here

Soo i was Doing my usual on a Tuesday night. 90210. (EVEN THO IT WASNT ON FOR SOME STUPID BASEBALL GAME) Making the band. G's to Gents.  If you watched it you know what the episode was about. BUT Dawn decided it was time Q met her parents and then at the end of the episode they werre seperating. I was sitting there like THY ARE SO ADORABLE!!! i want a relationship like that. He's so cheesy with her and  cute. They're really in love. And so i ges next week they reunite after being seperated And he has a hotel room. Rose pedels. And a bubble bath set up for her. SO romantic. =] But since its my blog i felt like that was worth mentioning. I LOVE LOVE BUT LOVE HATES ME! lol

This cat went from a rebounding BEAST to THIS?! lol.

Blu -J&J 

ALL IM SAYIN!! SEP 23rd!! you'll hear more about it tho. Since most are now confused.

Do You guys (Who basically are hiphop heads) Remember the Smack DVD battles from like 06?? i used to fuck with those CRAZY HARD. Jin used to b my DUDE and actually still is since he just did a freestyle to Kanyes "Love Lockdown" Which is actually dope. But i'll most some of my favorite Battles to share with the world. =]

Murda Mook verse Jae millz

Jin Vs Verse (Pt. 1)

Un-Kasa ft T-REx    ( =])


honestly one of my favorites. Un Kasa is my dudeeeeeeeeeee. Motha fucka this is ALL I DOOO!

ONE OF THE MOST AMAIZNG Radio Shows ive listented to in a while. Its basically a collection of songs that are relaxing that you can vibe to. The sounds are great. Personally this is what i go to sleep to now lol. Check it out Here

ummm I'll leave you with somethin exclusive Before i hit the dips. 


"If I only knew back then what i know now, how much better life woulda been if i'da slow down? Baby I'da been Kan-ye, instead of seein' gunplay. But god got a plan, How i understand one day, but one day a life like a snapshot, take it, u believe u can make it happen, be patient!!"

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