Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Love Lockdown/Remembering 9.11

Hey world. I posted Love Lockdown yesterday and that was the update so instead of writing a whole new entry ill add on to it.


Its been over 7 years since the Attacks on 9.11 and i stilll rememver it vivdly. i was in school when i went to the office for my teacher and saw a bunch of parents picking their kids up and i was wondering why everyone got to leave. 9.11 impacted our country in a major way never in my life have i thought i'd live through somethin like that. I remember being scared because the pentagon also got hit and my dad was working at Sikorsky at the time. A company that makes airplanes/helicoptors. I just feel like instead of everyone making such a big deal out of Kanyes Arrest today. Take a second and Reflect on 9.11. T he day that shaped our country. People hold their beliefs about what happened. And i hold mine.


Kanye West Arrested
Kanye West was aressted this morning at LAX. For more of the story click 

Dudes becomin a Hot head ahead huh...

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