Monday, September 8, 2008


VMAs werent as expected normal show. Boring in a Sense like WHOS RUSSEL BRAND?!  but ill Recap on the Highlights and all that. 
Tpain Arrived on an Elephant with a circus behind him and infront. His arrrival corrilates with his 3rd album dropping November 11th Three ringz. Basically Deplicting that hes the ringmaster of this industry. Im not to fond of him cuz i hate Vocoder But From what i hear the album is Dope.


P!nks Performance was one of my favorites from the night. I Have about every song shes ever Made. which shows how much i love her. To be honest i like her doing the rock thing better than when she first came out. Shes Amazing. Song is Good. Performance is Dope. And she looked GREAT.

T.I Did "whatever you like" and his new song with Rihanna "Live your Life" The song has grown on me and the performace was good nothing spectacular But i enjoyed it. Rihnna is Killin it Right now.

To be honest i enjoyed Lil waynes performance. he Came out doing "Misunderstood" which is my ANTHEM off of "Carter 3" with Leona Lewis Singing one of my fav Females Singers. Then he did a Milli and ended it with Got money. Solid Performace. He Also came out with Kid rock Later to perform which was DOPEEEEE. I just love Kid rock And wayne looked fly. Heres The clips.

KANYE WEST- Love Lockdown
Most anticpated performance. Kanye closed the show with a performance of His New song "Love Lockdown" as me and my friends predicted..His next album is gonna be sooo DEEP and heartfelt cuz of his mothers passing. i CANNOT wait untill it drops. Some hate on the song cause he sings most of it and actually uses the Vocoder in some of it. But the song is GREAT to me. Its so heartfelt and Creative. He previewed another track of his called "Heartless" 4th quarter is Major and to be quite FRANK haha. Im anticipating Kanyes Drop before Bluprint 3. But heres his Performance.
The drums in the song are sick and even better in the performance. SICK
Kanye West- Love Lockdown

I love how katy Perry looked good even tho she wasn't wearing a designer and everything she had on was from thrift stores. Shows she's still a down to earth artist
T.I Looked Good. (shown Above)
Jeezy actually came through with a little suit/blazer. I like. Kept it simple. and RECESSION IS IN STORES. Decent Album.
Even though this is my girl. I HATE her stylist and her taste. What she wore to The BET awards was RIDICULOUS. This isnt as bad but yet i still dont like it. Its fitting which makes it sexy. But not a stylist or what have you so MAYBE this is actually "Stunning" To them lol.
Lauren Looked Great as usual. I mean this is too easy for her. lol.
Lupe looks like he just finished riding a Horse. I kinda like the top. And the Fit butttt IDK!

I liked Chris's Look. Clean and kept it simple. G-SHOCK CHECK. he also had a g-shock with the baby blue lighht. DOPEE.
I <3d>

Britney Spears Opened the show and ALSO took home 3 Awards one for Video of the year. Very much overdo for her. i'm glad she took those home. And ppl Stopped talking about her. =]

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