Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hump Day

Whats poppppin. I think its fair to say i HAVE been slackin heavy on this postin But really i wanna start making the blog more about me and my life instead of just deliverin whats happenein. So just be aware of new changes Comin. This post actually MIGHT be long and its dedicated to Unisgned under the radar dope artists.

Swizz Beats in The studio Working on Theater of The Mind

Every Song Kanye has sampled

This is a compliation  of all the songs kanyes ever sampled. This nigga is truely the king of Sampling lol. The compliation is DOPE tho.

Kanye Vs Swizz @ Summer jam 07

REMEMBER THISS?! this is from the 07 Summer jam..STILL havent attended one =[ BUT i will soon. But This is Just Swizz and Kanye goin at it with their beats. There's a Mixtape out on Datpiff With a bunch of their songs which is dope so  check that out When you can. i mean YOU be the judge?! IDKK. Ive been fuckin with Swizz for a while neway so he gets my vote. but kanye does shit on him wit the ENCORE joint. 


State prop reunites on stage. Peep 1:29 MY SHITTT. =]


Another group off of my new favorite blog. =] This is the Electro vibe sound once again. This cat is from London and just finished up an album ready for release in early 2009. Check out some of his songs.
NIYI- Amellia
NIYI-808 klap


Heres an artist From ATL alot of ppl know who he is but ALOT dont so i would consider him under the radar. But he just blessed us with a track called "Generation Lost" which i am DEF feelin. My fav song from him is "Grip your body" Tho.  Check him out on his myspace Here

Generation lost

"Now a days every body wants to be a rapper, about 2 years ago everybody was a trappa. Obviously Money is what everybodys after, cuz slavery aint changed its a modern day diaster"

Lil duval

LMAO. if you saw R.Kellys interview with that dude that does The  Black carper on BET youll get this. Funk Flex went off on him apparently from the interview Saying hes sick and yada yada.
Dj Lissamonet

I'll elaborate more. BUT for now peep this Mixtape. DOPE =]

Lovestoned Vol. 002-The valentines day mixtape

Dj DviousmindZ presents: Beats I would've Gave to Mos Def

Another under the radar Cat. He's apart of a group/movement Whatever you wanna call it called "whats for breakfast Music" Check  him out on his myspace Here and Check out some of the joints off his upcoming instrumental. "End of The world" is Dope.
Dj DviousmindZ-End of the World
Dj DviousmindZ-Circulate

Um i really have to do some work so ill most likely update tommrow i wont leave you hangin till next monday. HAHA : p

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