Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hello World. Updatin every day now. ; P. BUT neway


When reality TV in INDIA goes wrong. LMAO one of the funniest things ive seen this week. Kinda felt bad for him when Everyone attacked him but this dude smacked her HELLA hard.

Guliani: Obama NEver Led Anything

HONESTLY. He has a point. Coming off of this idiot bush we DO need someone who can lead the country. And i'm glad people are going to start seeing and focusing more on what Obama can do and his qualifications and the FACTS. I'm not knocking obama because i am a Democrat. BUT im just really annoyed with everyone simply saying BARACK FOR PRESIDENT because hes black. And everyone wants to be apart of History. Heres a really  good point. HE hasnt even led a state. How can he lead a country in a crisis such as terror? just thoughts.

Mickey Facts can actually SPIT. i must admit ive slept on him for a min i do have That song he did with robin thicke tho. HA but from THIS. hes just freestylin 2. pshhhhhhh. too easy. lol Beat is DOPE by the way.

"Came from the belly of moms..Rkelly was the song..I sneeze on rappers i bless you ACHOO. and im nuts NO cahsew, so when you get your check IMMA CASH YOU"

Raphael Saadiq ft. Jay-Z- Oh Girl (Remix)
Raphael saadiq ft Jay-z - Oh girl (remix)

This song is AMAZING to me. 

Max B x His WAVERY

Max b Explains his wavery. I love this dude. Just check how he starts the interview off. Reminds me of randy lol. 

" When my kids turn 25 i want them to put my CD in and be like Yo my father was the shit, he was a fuckin legend." 

Check My Feet: Nike Blazer Mid: Tiger Woods MAster Edition

These were designed in Honor of tiger Woods and all his accomplishments as a golfer. These feature an oversize nike sign which also has fur on it. These are limited (of course) and release this weekend.

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