Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Love Triangle

 Bill Reaches in For a kiss Hilary playsss the SHIT out of him. And kisses Obama Some say Obama is involved Sexually with her but i beg to differ BUT if it does come out 2 3 years from now i WONT be surprised due to this clip. 

Keeping it on the Political Tip..

As we Know the RNC is taking place this week. DEF not interesting. lol =] And we also know that McCain Chose Sarah Palin A women governor of Alaska To be his VP. Some say shes Not experienced enough to become a VP and POSSIBLE president but i feel he did it to keep up with the theme of the election; Making history. Bristol, Shown left, Sarahs 17 year old daughter is having a baby and shes not married..HMM. OH wBarack previously stated that family was off limits in the campaign But the media Was gonna have a FIELD DAY!. 

Solange x Wale = Fuck the Industry (Remix)

This song is CRAZY i fucks with it. Her new Album  "Sol-Angel and The Hadley Street Dreams" Is good. Its something new and refreshing most of the songs might not get played on the radio but none the less STILL a good album. OTher than this song look up "Cosmic Journey" INSANE!

Solange & Wale- Fuck the Industry (Remix)

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