Friday, February 18, 2011

Who is Skyler Grey?!

I know everyone is curious as to who the SWAGFUL Skyler grey actually is after hearing her on Diddys "Coming home", Dr Dres "I need a doctor", Lupes "Words i never said"... & The Pen behind the smash single "Love the way you lie" & T.Is "Castle Walls" Her Real name is Holly Brook. She Released an incredible debut album "Like blood Like Honey" in 06. She is now signed under Alex da kids label so we should expect to hear her on more hiphop records this year. For those who Have taken a newfound obsession with her as i did lol you'll enjoy this Project. When i say its incredible..ITS IN-FUCKING-CREDIBLE! ;) Download below

DOWNLOAD: Skyler Grey- Like Blood Like Honey

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