Friday, February 18, 2011

Oddfuture?! Who?!

I know OddFuture is taking the world by STORM right now after their crazy performance on Fallon earlier this week. To Give a quick run down on who & WHAT they are, Their Basically a group of Kids (almost 9 members) ranging from 16-23 hailing from the left coast who have NO problem saying whatever comes to their mind. You might not fuck with the music, but you HAVE to fuck with them for being themselves & being young doing IT. Salute these bros. Their Energy is definitely needed in Hiphop right now! I uploaded Tylers project ( The forefront guy) for those who dont know, WANT to know, or just rock with them already but dont have Any of their projects on your itunes. Download this & “SWAG THE FUCK OUT!!!”

P.S “Bastard” & “Seven” are MUST listens. :)

DOWNLOAD: Tyler, The Creator- Bastard

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