Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Enjoy the post for what it is this time and i hope everyone enjoys their break, has a merry xmas and starts 09 off RIGHT. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! =]

Dont ever say i never gave u real music. Well u cant because i always do lol. . Their DOPE ! listen to the instruments. whens the last time you heard a decent song with JUST instruments?!?! no auto tune, no enhancments, just pure MUSIC. supposely the lead singer got kicked out so now their just a band for nas? but still listen to This. And as always if you like that go to their myspace. (Just google them lol)

Seven Days - Mulatto

Big Sean & Mr. Hudson peform Exclusive

"In my darkest Hour i cant see the horizons. She priceless, and i cant afford it. you want space baby and i gave you orbit. so come home, home is where the heart is she said whenever im here i feel heartless"

Ive slept on big sean for a while now. I saw him on some songs and just passed by him. Idk why when hes apart G.O.O.D but after this i mess with him. Ive downloaded about 7 songs now. Mr. Hudson has always been dope to me. Cant wait for their albums.

Beyonce - Halo& Diva


Clipse: "The Road till the casket drops' blog pt. 3

Word on the streeet kanye is on the track.. ahh. how much i love these guys. =] by the way their mixtape is still out creating a buzz. its posted most likely below to CHECK IT OUT!

Daniel merriweather ft wale- change

comp is acting up. i'll be back

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