Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year

FIRST POST of the 09! Hows everyone hope everyone had a great holiday!! New blessings in 09 is my motto for the year. WELL looks like im heading back to CT the 18th to go back to school.
=[ sucks but that just means MORE POSTS. and inspite of my new spirt and the year expect alot of changes around heree. all that. Im gonna clean it up also lol. =p anywayy I just wanted to write something to update this thing make sure you all know im alive lol. I have alot of content and dope new artists im going to post most likely once the semester starts up again sooo just wait for that. and i hope those who been rockin with the blog continue to and tell others. Word of mouth is the best root to success.!!! Untilll then folkssss.

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