Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Say you will

SOO. I know this will be a trend everyone, is going to go in over the 808s and heartbreaks beats. SIGH. like say you will is actually one of my favorites off the album, take it it's everyones also. BUT The only one im satifised with is DRakes. comes as no surprise lol. I Like young Chris version but I fucked with Young gunz for a min neway. Tyrese killed it because he talked about his money and chicks like the song isnt even about that. I think noone should attempt to do these and on every version they say since kanye is singing its giving them hope they can rap. like ugh smh. Rick ross did the heartless one i actually fuck with that one 2 tho. Anyway check these out tell me YOUR opiions.

Kanye West ft Young Chris- Say you will (Remix)

Drake- Say whats real

Kanye WEst ft Trey songz- Say you will (Remix)

AC-Say you will (remix)

Playcloths Launch at CommonwealthDC

my boiiissss. I mentioned before their line is dope, Just look for yourself. Kinda souped Commonwealth has it in stock only a metro ride awayyyyy. =p

Wale- Nike Boots Video

"Unifiication of DMV i will acheive INDEED. 
fly than the rest of em stilll got my nike boooots."

More Art.



These two twins are the master minds who brought legos back by creating them as accessories. Their beyond dope because they have their own unique stlye. Kanye has been seen rocking The infamous heart. Not only are they innovators but muscians as well. Head on over to their site to see their collection the hearts are only about 65 dollars. DEE&RICKY

I thought this was dope. DEE&RICKY didnt do it though.


Most of you know  Kaws as the guy who reinnovated the 808s and heartbreaks artwork. He took the heart and broke it. The stuff is dope and It comes with the itunes album and it'll be in stores the 16th for the xmas package. Check out his blog because he has a bunch of insane stuff on it.  BlOG

House of Latex Diva/Davana

this crazyyyyyy. MIND YOU SHES 8!! 

Freeway- Month of Madness

youuu know i love free. so im glad hes doin this just to let these rap cats hes REAL and not a pawn nemore. =] Hes dropin a song a day for a month. Im most likely not going to post all so to keep up with em go Here But i posted The three that have dropped already.

Freeway- Count on Free

Freeway- Ever Last

Freeway- Month Of madness

Only Right i gave You some electro. 

Justice ft Uffie- The Party (Esso Freestyle)

OH. I gave you guys the trailer of Colin Munroes Mixtape "The Unsung hero" In a preveious post which i believe got taken down. but if you didnt know, it dropped Monday. And hes currently on  a mini tour with proton another gorup i did an artist spotlight on. So check it out below. Its something new. The production is crazy and hes versitile. Im putting the back cover up because i know alot of people, including me like to see the tracklisting and etc.

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