Monday, December 1, 2008

dec 1s

Only right i start off with that bone thugs banger lol. BUT whats poppin world? Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. mine was iiiiiiighhht. haha but yeah now its back to the school grind only about 7 days left of classes then finals and im backkk in VA. =] ON TO THE POST

Britney is truelly on the journey of a comeback and its looking not bad shes making all the right moves. Womanzier is a hit. Last night she did a Documentary basically about her journey of the comeback and what shes been through. She talked about breakups, The buisness, Breakdowns, and motherhood. Shes def matured and grown up alot she even admits it. The last few moments of the documentary touched me ALOT when she said "It's weird you can see the most cruelest part of the world and then on the other side you see the most beautiful..But they're worth it..i've been to both. It was great. SHE looks great.The album is GREAT. Circus comes out tommrow on her birthday everyone should def go get it because despite what shes been through and what the tabloids say about her she really WAS and IS one of the biggest pop stars in america. Below is a preview of the documentary if you missed it last night.


Their dope. I was put on by Graph They have a video to cold dust girl thats sickk i'll post it below. But their on tour with Lupe right now and actually are going to be the first to sign with FnF. HOw crazy is that? the state of music is changinnggg and i LOVEEEEE it. check their myspace out Here And the video below. The song is dope as well.

Hey Champ "Cold Dust Girl" from shakedown.xl on Vimeo.

Qtip is dope. I did a post about how much i loved him when i heard "What?" and "Vibes and Stuff" But that got taken down. But anyway if you dont have the renassiance by now u deserve to be slapped twice. ha no but really Go get it, the album is crazy AND (i know this is gonna get ppl to buy it.) Remember when kanye said he doeenst listen to rap in his home? WELL he came back saying when he gets off tour he'll be playing tips album. what does that say? HAHA. smh.

Q Tip Concert Featuring Janelle Monae & The Cool Kids from KENNY BURNS on Vimeo.

I love art. I love photogrpahy. I love creativity. AND i actually had alot of these atists before ALOT of blogs posted them i acutally had already done a post about art and these artists but it got taken down.

LEt me start off with my dude. i know AR just did a post about him today BUT if you know me you know ive been rockin with this dude for a while. my ex even drew one of his works and i have it on my wall.

James Grady

This is the one i have on my wall.

Alexandros Vasmoulakis

I'll Post more gradually. Here's Swizz beats talking about art. WHO KNEW he was a semi artist he work looks dope 2.


Siya at the studio in Atlanta from Kei[s] Open Doors on Vimeo.

I'm co-signing I DONT GIVE A FUCKKKK lol. all sterotypes everything out the window with me. The myspace is on the video. check it. FLy & DOPE???

Clipse- Playcoths Mixtape

If your a follower of the blog or you know me personally. i fuck with the clipse. Playcloths is their new clothing line which is dope. I'm thinking about getting a couple pieces even though its for dudes its just THAT hot. Heres the mixtape brough to you by complex The link will be up later to download it but for now the stream is below.

Clipse Mixtape

Common ft Kanye West- Punch drunk Love

Track off of commons' "Universal Mind Control" From the tracks i've heard the album is soundin good wont compete with "Be" Tho. =p

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