Monday, November 24, 2008


Sooo. im gonna try this one more time just becaue i dislike wordpressa nd wanna blog. i hate my really good posts being taken down. Even though i wanna post so much i'm going to be safe.BUT ANYWaY.

Inspite of the holiday heres a joint by day 26? It sounds like will literally sings the whole song because at first listen i didnt think it was day 26. but noneless its decent.

Kanyes Acceptance Speech @ The Amas for best rap/hiphop Album

Love this guy. " Whenever you say i wanna be elvis they say Whats wrong witchu? BUT I WANNA BE ELVIS"

of course "Sasha Fierce" Brought it. WHY WOULDNT SHE?

Theophilus London

I did an artist spotlight on him earlier on in life. but i honestly fuck with him HARDCORE. He is just overall dope to me. He was at Trinty this weekend for Their talent show. He has a mixtape called "JAM" if you didnt download it last time i posted him up here then your basically corny lol no but that joint is dope and he has a new project coming out called "This charming mixtape" And the first single off of it is called "Cold pillow" IM in love with it. Peep him performing some of it below and you can here the full version on his myspace

" I Can't speak nomore for im speechless, You made me strong but you became weakness, Times together they became senseless, you took for granted how a brother cares, It's gonna be a cold pillow tonight"

Cold Pillow Live from Theophilus London on Vimeo.

I Did a post about this drummer LAST TIME but neway
. Dopest drummer out there right now seriously. Dont believe me. Go to and peep his videos matter fact WHY NOT POST ONE? from Fray Wall on Vimeo.

MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK!!! jeezy video shoot

and ill be god damn if my rims aint too!. Kenny burns does a cameo in the video it was shot right in front of Ebenzer baptist church ONLY RIGHT?! peep kennys shirt. Thats the mickboogie x Dope couture collaboration on the obama tee shirt. On the back it says yes we can. doppppe lol. If you dont know about the lifestyle specialist kenny burns go to

Young Jeezy's "My President Is Black" Video Shoot feat TKBS from KENNY BURNS on Vimeo.

Senior citizens Choir goes HIPHOP
This is crazy to me lol.

Kanye West- 808's and heartbreaks


Ludacris- Theater of the mind

Which oneeeee?

this is for the DR's who wanna argue with me but know NOTHING haha its outta love tho. sounds familiar right

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