Monday, November 3, 2008


Ok so im REALLY getting irritated that somehow i keep getting reported and my posts being taken down. i know it was happening to gmoney and he was forced to delete his but IM NOT DOING THAT. because NOTHING up here is illegal especially my last post i didnt post ANY new music. NOTHING. so whoever this prick is needs to STOP and focus more attention on the blogs posting tpains new album. yea that comes out when? the 11th. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE WITH ALL THAT! moving on.

Only right i start off the blog with something political. i hope all you ppl complaining are going to be at the polls tommrow! This weekend i was watching larry king, cnn, msn, basically all of the channells following the closing arguments and predictions and etc. In most states obama has a 3 % lead on Mccain We'll see how it turns out THO. I'm not going into any depth about the election i just hope everyone really gets out and rocks that vote becuase im sick of hearing ppl complaining. esp when 8 years ago nobody gave a damn and let our country fall into this hole. WEve let a republican head us and now its time for change. =]

Freeway- Change

"We need a moment, we need atonement, a constitution where blacks and whites own it"

Lebron- After Six

HAHA. Hes a beast never was a huge fan of him BUT i LOVEE his commercials. =p

Nike- The Chalk

Gnarls Barkley- Mystery man trailor

"Whos gonna save my soul" EP drops november 11th.

"Who's gonna save my soul now" is prolly one of favorite videos of the year. might as well post it. i loveeeee them.

This is just beyonce talking about her being a celebrity, a human being and the album. i feeel her. shes prolly one of the realest celebs out there. This starts out on some Jay-z Fade to black type shit. Check ito ut

The Sarah Silverman Program

Lmao. SOO i was completely bored over the weekend and came across this show it was on comedy central. This show is prolly the most random. irrelevant, and stupid (?) show ive seen in a while. like theres NO need for it. I caught myself getting annoyed because the things she does and said was crazy. and boarderline offensive. BUT for some reason it was addictive and i ended up watching like 5 episodes of it. lol It'll prolly be hilarous to someone that was high. peep this clip from one of the episodes.

"The Sarah Silverman Program" - Jail
by thatsfunny

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