Wednesday, November 12, 2008


SO. ive got down to the bottom of WHY my post keep getting taken down. well i guess google is going around all the music blogs on and They were notified by The Digital Milenium Copyright Act about content in blogs with infringe links and copyright. But google is going completely wrong about the situation. They just remove the posts with no explanation. They just Give us the Url of the removed link. Now as u know This has been going on with my blog for about 2 weeks and SINCe ive been careful with what i posted NOTHING was any new or leaked music. So i was pretty upset when my posts were being taken down. Google is not playing by the rules and have no legal obligation to remove links. alot of people are pissed off and if your blog is being affected then complain! write google emails. BUT untill this stops im not going to waste my time on here posting good updates for it to be taken down. SO go to my new spot

YES sushi and fries! lol.

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