Wednesday, October 22, 2008

As the leave changes so do we.

I love Fall. Those are the leaves outside my apartment. Their pretty right? lol. Its been crazy cold lately. and sorry for the lack of updates but i got busy with the whole school thing. I wont make promises on updatin but i WILL do better. haha. I have some things in the line up for me..alot of decisions have to be made. SOON .im not gonna speak on anything to SOON because i always seem to end up jinxing myself but hopefully once everything is settled i will get back on this blog grind. lol. I've just come to the point where i feel like i wanna start making more moves towards my goals and thats basically what im doing and going to my new HOME seemes to be the first step towards it. So let that instrumental Bump. =]

Many of you know i really havent spoke much about the election i have followed it but never said i was for obama all the way. But as election day nears 13 days? ive decided i need to make a decision one way or another. i was NOT voting for mcCain. Up until last night i was voting independent. But i watched an interview Obama did and he DOES have some good strategies and programs hes proposing. He's inexperienced yes, but the way im lookin at it. Our country is in a f***ed up postiton right now and always will be. No matter whos hands we put it in No one is goin to be happy. It'll take years to get out this recession so i mean am i for change yes but i know it will not come as quickly as most think. He's Human not some superhuman who will magically turn this country around. With that said i AM voting for barack because I'm going to give him a Chance. A Chance to actually prove and be about what he says he is. I have no expectations of him. But i do think if he fails EVERYONE with these flippin Obama shirts and screamin "OBAMA 08" "YES WE CAN" are gonna look stupid. HAHA As he says
"Dream Big dreams" And i have and will continue. HENCE the decisions i need to make.

This Dude Will ALWAYS be relavant. Like He will never be one of those cats that drop a platnium album go away work on a clothing line and then attempt to drop a album that sells below 200,000. Regardless of what he's doing or whats he's going through he will always be HERE. I said i wasnt looking forward to "808's and heartbreaks" Because of Loved lockdown which actually ALOT of ppl were'nt feeling. But as in my previous post i said Heartless is DOPe and so is "Coldest Winter" I actually am looking forward to it because alot of the stuff i can relate to at this moment. Some artwork and tracklistings have been circulating around in the blogosphere but im not posting it up untill i'm confirmed that their OFFICIAL. The whole concept of the album is dope. ESP the album name. haha Heres some interviews he did

Kanye West visits Big Boy's Neighborhood from qdeezy on Vimeo.

MY BOYYY. YESS. Ryan leslie is back with some studio footage. UGH love this guy. The begining is Dope peep. 0:30 ahhhhh =]

Musiq soulchild ft Mary J Blige- If you leave

"You think im so full of it, but i think i'm just fed up, you think i can be so arrongant but i'm just tryna keep my head up. You think you need to leave. I think i dissagree. But if you believe you'd do best with out me. I'll let it go."

I loved this song when i first heard it and i still do. I posted i think it was 2 posts ago "Miguel". An artist im diggin right now actually co-wrote this song. So peep this video ANd his work below.

"This nigga kept me under wraps hopin i slip up"

NOT NO MOREEEEE. MAX is a free dude. no more bryd gang. This dude is gonna GO HARD now. i ACTUALLY f*** witth him right now. and i said im not into the whole rap thing right now but i like him. And i like Ron Brownz beats but techinically hes CORNY. lol. I cant wait to hear the shit hes gonna start puttin out now.

JIM JONES- Day & Nite (Remix)

Speaking of JIMMMMY. He did a remix of Kid Cudi's Day & Nite. I ALSO did a post about Cudi last time and by NOW you should know who he is lol. I think this is garbage kinda...

"Life's a bitch but i think i fell in love"


"She makes me epiletic she likes to see me spazz runnin full speed through her play glass."


I Like this. I've subsribed to download their mixtape but i and STILL have not. but when i do i will post some of the stufff cuz i know its DOPEEEE. well if you liked this cuz most of you are corny and not open minded to music. HAHA i kid. :p


TANK-SHE's The One
I've ALWAYS been a fan of Tank. His last album was really good. Cant think of the name at the moment. BUT hes been a round for a while. He's an AMAZING songwriter and producer. He's prolly penned one of your favorite love songs. And latey he's been dropping some songs. IDK if they just songs he wrote and gonna give them to someone else or He possibly has a new project in the works? I HOPE. But this is my favorite out of all of them. peep it.

Tank- She's The One

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