Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Ok soooo im taking my last statement about kanye BACK lol. Live snippets of "Heartless" have been circulating around for a WHILE now but since i HATE live snippets i never listened to it. Untill i peeeped a live snipppet of him performing it. Which is in REALLY good quality. OMG. I LOVE THE SONGGG! Def relating to it at the moment.. BUT im diggin it. I just have mixed feelings about Love Locked down and the Vocoder THATS why i wasnt really so gun ho about "808's and Heartbreaks" But peep this and him on Ellen Talking about reading, his VMa performace, & the album.

"He lost his soul to a women so heartless
But at the end its still so lonely."

Jazmine Sullivn- Bust your Windows

Shes lookin real boss like in this Video. Peeep 2:00. HAHA

KiD Cudi- Heaven at Nite
"This is my Heaven at Nite."
Heaven At Nite - KiD CuDi

Random song post. I LOVE this song. If you dont know about Kid cudi by now SHAME ON YOU. i did an artist spotlight on him earlier on in life. If my blog was organized you'd be able to just click a link and go to itttt but its not. SO SORRY. =]

Did a couple post about these guys. Prolly one of my fav electro beat under the radar duo right now. lol. New joints from them below. INSANE. Peep their mixtape below in one of my posts. " I found my favorite beats and rhymed to them while watching coming to america" sorry ill start organizing the shit and giving u the links. =]

Christian Rich- Countdown

Christian Rich- Stacks

Bug in Reporters Mouth Shows his True Colors.

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