Monday, October 6, 2008


whats poppppin.

I never really did an artist spotlight on this guy BUT hes REALLY dope. He's signed with JIVE. his style is more of a funk electro R&B thing lol but his sound is SO creative. And we all know i love creativity and fresh new sounds for music. First time i heard him was on  myspace his song"SURE THING" was circulating up there. that was my shitttt. and still is. He's VERY talented and also a songwriter. He co-wrote Musiqs new single featuring mary j "If you leave" and THATS been on rotation for a while as well. He just dropped a 7 song mixtape which i cant get enuff of. SO EVERYONE download it. This cats AMAZING and something NEW.  Check out his myspace Here

Katy Perry is my newfound love. =] She's SOOO DOPE. shes gorgeous. And she dates Travis from the Gym class heroes so shes doin SOMETHIN right. lol. No but alot of ppl sleep on her. but shes amazing. If you dont know who she is. Her song is "I kissed a girl". As im doing this post im listening to her album "One of the boys" DEF has been in my rotation for a while now. The album is good. Something i dont mind listening to. yes people she has other songs then i kissed a girl. Take a listen to her album or "Thinking of you". Im tellin u SHES LIVE. lol

"808's And Heartbreaks" Will be in stores NOv 25.
Truth be told. I am looking forward to HEARING the album. But im really not feelin this dude right now. idk.......he's just...idk but I DEF do not put him on a pedastal like half the world does. and for what tho?! sigh. Im gonna DOWNLOAD his album. Kinad weird for him to come off of Graduation and do shit like this...but whatev.

im laughin straight to bank right now. lol. Gotta make a bank run. be backkkkkk

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