Monday, March 21, 2011

Mixtape: The Weeknd- House Of Balloons

I wouldnt classify this as R&B althougt in some shape and forms it IS..but not the traditional R&B...I came across the link to this on twitter..then i saw one of my followers tweet about how dope it is, "Feels like So Far gone with a lil coke and better singing" To be exact so i said why not..and best move i could have made ALL DAY. lol This is incredibly dope..Kind of like how Frank ocean came upon the sceene with a new refreshing sound..THIS IS IT...if youre hesistant as i know most of you can stream one of the amazing cuts off the project below..ENJOY!

DOWNLOAD:The Weeknd-What You Need

DOWNLOAD: Mixtape:The Weeknd-House Of Balloons

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