Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Lonny breaux" AKA Frank Ocean

Shouts to @iStarrah for this! but neway, on twitter i saw one of the people i follow who has a good sense of music, was listening to Frank Oceans incredible Nostaliga/ultra mixtape and she informed me that he used to go by Lonny Breaux, with my newfound obession with this man i immediately googled the name to see if he had any more songs and i came across this compliation of 42 songs of his, i know, JACKPOT. anyhow, Im assuming most of these are refrences. Like ive been saying this man is utterly talented, I uploaded one of my Favorites out the 42 but their all pretty decent songs. So for you Frank Ocean stans..Enjoy...and dont thank me now...Thank me later ;)

DOWNLOAD: Lonny Breaux- Ready

DOWNLOAD: Lonny Breaux- 42 songs

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