Friday, March 4, 2011

LP: Frank Ocean- Nostalgia, Ultra

I ran across Franks' Novacane Joint on tumblr last week but once again school has had me in a chokehold so i didnt get around to Downloading the project, but basically Frank Ocean is one of the many members of Odd Future, Definitely has a different vibe then the others hes more of an R&b fact when you download the project the Genre is BlueGrass. This is Definitely some dope stuff.. 2011 will be a monumental year for them! I digress though, I uploaded my favorite track off the tape "Strawberry Swing" even though theres so many gems, Just to give you a preview!

Tracklisting and Download link below!!

1. frank ocean – street fighter (0:22)
2. frank ocean – strawberry swing (3:55)
3. frank ocean – novacane (5:02)
4. frank ocean – we all try (2:51)
5. frank ocean – bitches talkin’ (0:22)
6. frank ocean – songs for women (4:13)
7. frank ocean – lovecrimes (4:00)
8. frank ocean – goldeneye (0:18)
9. frank ocean – there will be tears (3:14)
10. frank ocean – swim good (4:16)
11. frank ocean – dust (2:33) 12. frank ocean – american
wedding (7:00)
13. frank ocean
– soul calibur (0:18)

DOWNLOAD: Frank Ocean-Strawbery Swing

DOWNLOAD: LP: Frank Ocean Nostalgia, Ultra

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