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Helllo everyone. Second post YAY. inve notice ive got a ton of work left to do on here. jut little things to whwre im satisfied so bear with me cuz the end product will be DOPE!! =]


Santogold's been slated as Kanyes West Favorite Artist. and is Also in MTVS artist Spotlight so why not be in mine! Born Santi WHite..Her Music is innoative. Creavtive. and Refreshing. The Recent Leakage of Her songs " Creator" " L.E.S Aristles" and "Shove it" Has gained her an ENORMOUS amount of attention. Her music Sounds like The Pixies. Santogolds Influence has come from Earlier 80's pop. Overall santogold is DOPE at first listen you'd think what the hell is this? But as you go on you can get lost in the lyrics and the conveying of the beat. Below is a Dope song of hers called "L.E.S Aristles"

Santogold "L.E.S. Artistes"
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Derrick Rose # 1 overall Pick= CHICAGO BULLS!

The first overall Pick of the 2008 NBA draft was Derrick Rose. EXCITINGG I MUST SAY. Everyone who knows me knows im a HUGE bulls fan. DErrick Rose returns to his Hometown were he belongs. Hopefully rose will help out my Boy Hinrich with the duties of being a Point guard. This was the first step for Chiacgo to become respected again! BULLLSS BABY! aha.

I Love Hip Hop. From The Beats, The Culture, The Dancing, The Fashion, and the LYRICS. AS many of you have probally heard ICE- T and Soulja Boy have this on going beef which basically stemmed from the question. "How do you feel about hip hop today?" or "Where is Hip Hop today?". When asked the Question Ice-T went on bashing Soulja Boy saying he single handledly destroyed hiphop, to suck a dick and his music was garbage. Now i AGREE with ICE-T completely. soulja Boi to me is TRASH. thats not hiphop. Yes the kid blew up off of youtube had the whole world dancing but thats not HIPHOP. Its commericial and corny. No Lyrics what so ever. HIPHOP to me is a TRIBE CALLED QUEST, LL COOL J, DOUGIE-FRESh. CATS that took time to sit down and actually RHYME. has said Jay-zs Verse of the Get boi remix is one of the Best verses Ever and i Agree.

"Niggajust to get by/ nigga I sold coke/ nigga I pusha la/ carried the 4-5./ Claimed I was Ready to Die/ promised never to cry/ held it all inside/ reality was too much to take so I / kept my mind fried/ slept for most of mine/ soon as I closed my eyes…/ then I woke up behind/ thinking either I’d/ load up these nines/ or blow-up with rhymes/ so this flow of mine/ is like blow-up with lines of coke-up/ and you folks think Hov just wrote stuff to rhyme?/ naw, I’m a poster for what happens seeing your mom/ doing five dollars worth of work just to get a dime/ so pardon my disposition/ why should I listen/ to a system that never listened to me?/ picture me working McDonald’s/ I’d rather pull a Mac on you/ Sorry Ms. Jackson, but I’m packin'."

Thats Rhyming and HIPHOP to me. Jay Tells A story. Heres some Clips of the Ongoing Beef between the Two.

Soulja Boy vs Ice-T
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Ice-T repond a soulja boy (disses him again)
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Lately rock smith has been producin some DOPE stuff for dudes. Wish they had more for woman but untill then i will buy the dudes ISH. haha. rock smith Has alot of Creative Shirts One can wear and they also have dope Hoodies and Vests. You can purchase some of their clothing at Karmaloop.

This is one of My favs by them the shirt is HOT and matches Perfectly with a pair of pink and white dunks =]. Kid & Play are my inspiration i love What they did for Hip hop and all the House Partys.

HELLZ BELLZ is fucking DOPe to me and one of my favorite Lines. Its the epitomy of GIRL POWER. and Girls can be Bad Asses.
This Hellz Bellz "Belle of the Brawl Jacket" is INSANE. its 70% percent acrylic and 30% wool so its DEF a cop for the fall. You can also check outsome of Hellz Bellz clothing at Karmaloop.

NIKE AIR MAX 95 (originial
One of my favorite shoes and colorways of all time. The Nike air Max 95 Orginial is amazing. The colorway shown is the yellow, grey, and black. I can remember being in 5th grade fallling in love with these. This Colorway was just relesed as a package along with Nike Court forces and Air force Ones. All with the same colorway making it a DOPE package.

Democratic Unity

obama in 08? well its lookin like it with the support of the black commnity and now Clintons out adocating with him he'll get the supprt of middle adged white woman. On Friday Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton went out a small New Hampshire Community to declare the next chapter is beating john McCaiin. Obama and clinton stood on a platform in front of thousands friday praising one another and urging party solidarity. clinton Called obama a stand up guy and Obama said "she Rocks, She Rocks". Kinda cool to see no hard feelings between the two and the Democratic party coming together instead of against one another. OBama in 08? YES WE CAN!

Song Of the DAY:

Gym Class Heroes "cookie Jar" f/The Dream

Heres A collabo between two dope cats. Dreams been on some tight traks already this summer which means he might jut heat up in the fall. The song provides alot of nice metaphors such as he cant stay faithful his hand's always in the cookie jar. Something im pretty sure everyone can relate to. so ENJOY.


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