Monday, September 28, 2009


Been away for a minute but im backk. Nowadays everyone is a blogger has a blog and etc. You see the same thing on every 5 blogs. I always pried myself on this blog being diffrent...but anyway! what uppppp. Back in CT for my junior year of Summer was AMAZING! took me a while to get back into school mode again but im ready and GRINDIN. alots dropped alots need to retaract on those things because you prolly read em on a million different blogs. So ill keep this short and current

Melanie Fiona- It Kills me VIDEO.

i TRIED to tell yaaaaa she was next up! just go in my archives when i posted this song. Shes amazing and incredibly talented. She pours her soul into this song. Something i was def relating to last year. & the video is now here. Its kinda cool. Adam rodriguez is EVERYWHERE this year..her album "The bridge" hits stores Novemeber 3rd. It released in canada in like july so of course millions already have it..and its def a good album. Shes the modern day lauryn hill. =]

I did say i was keeping it short. lmao. i have to go to class though. ill def be backkkk though.

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