Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Well Isnt This Awkard

HOLA! as promised im back updating. lol i have a little time before my next class so ill get some stuff in.

Studio 43: Presents DRAKE

Studio43 Films Presents: DRAKE from KENNY BURNS on Vimeo.

Drake had a show in ATL over the weekend and the good people over at Studio 43 got AMAZING footage. Drake opened with Congratulations and Ended with "Best i Ever had". Its crazy the amount of buzz he's gotten over the year. Trey came on stage to perform "Successful" and Usher aswell. footage like this is Exactly why i need to be in Oh & he didnt sign with Universal as those were rumors on twitternation yesterday.

Camron AT The Highline NYC

Camron did a show The other day at The Highline I follwed it Via twitter of course as lowkey & Miss info were in attendance. This is a clip of the beggining of him performing the classics.."I really mean it".."Get em girls". "Oh boy"..allll THAT. He has a new album "Crime pays" will be in stores May 12th The full Clean version leaked and all im sayin is Crime pays > Prey 4 Regin!!!!!! The dips really need to get back together though!

Maino Crys while Performing

SOOO this was touching & actually gave me chills. While performing his Single "All of the Above" Maino becomes overwhlemed with emotion and begins to cry he then says his bestfriend got shot in the back by the police and is paralyzed. Its crazy its just a reminder that there Still IS police brutality going on that isnt portrayed in the news. Maino is one of the realest rappers in the rap game and after everything hes been through its nice to see him reep the benefits of hard work & success.

Eminem- 3am (VIDEO)

So i posted the trailor in my last semi update, i missed the premiere of the video on Cinemax saturday but heres the official video. The video is kinda dope..dope concept..matches the song.. i just dont fuck with the song like that. lol. I even wanted to turn the volume off and just watch the video. I like the "Way i am" Eminem. but none the less Em is back and his album will be in stores May 19th?

Chrisette Michele- Epiphany

So i must admit, i slept on her first album even though she had dope records like "Love is you". It was a good album but didnt do good comerically. Anyway. Her sophmore attempt "Epiphany" Dropped yesterday which deserves NOT to be slept on. if your a lover of REAL RNB REAL music then this is an album that you MUST BUY. go to Amazon, Itunes, Target, WHEREVER. But support her and support the movement of real RNB. The album is amazing. From songs like "Notebook" to the single Ephiphany, to Her song with Neyo "What you do" and even to more upbeat songs like "Playin our Song" Its a good album she really came with the souful vibe. I know alot of people dont even actually know who she is so I posted an interview she did with RAP UP below.

Maxwell- Pretty Wings (VIDEO)

So refreshing to see he's back after about 8 years! I Just downloaded his whole discography onto my itunes too. But anyway I first heard the snippet of this song in Oct of 07 a long time ago and the full version is finally releases along with the video this is off his "Blacksummersnight" Album or trilogy coming in July. I adore this song lol. The video isnt bad either. Hes also the first confirmed performer for the 2009 BET awards. =]


Big Sean teamed up with Mick Boogie and dropped an insanely dope mixtape a couple weeks ago. Big Sean is dope..Alot compare him to drake..i mean their similar both young hungry coming up artists but drake is on another level lol. This mixtape is really good though the beats are all dope..Big sean is a witty rapper and he has a flow diffrent from alot of others. & i can completely relate to alot of what hes saying especially in the song "Desire, Wants & needs" He is signed with good music..under kanye..hopefully Finally famous will be out soon but untill then download this mixtape!


TYGA- Cali Love

Alot of people dont like him..I admit his first attempt The Lime & the coconut juice song was extremly corny lol..But as of late..hes been coming with some DOPE stuff..idk if hes got a ghostwriter or what but hes decent..He did a mixtape recently with Clinton Sparks that was decent as well..I like this song and he has a diffrent steelo to him..i dont think hes ever going to fill that void of snoop, pac, dre, ice cube, or even the game BUT he can make his own path & i like the beat and glad hes reppin for his coast!! =]

Oceans 7- So much Swag
If your internent Savy or go on blogs and music sites like i i do everyday, Youd know who the Oceasn Seven are. But if you dont The "Super Group" Consists of JD (Jermaine Dupri), Usher, Bryan Micheal Cox, Johnta Austin, Tyron, Nelly, and Trey Songz. Basically Jermaine dupri has a channel on Youtube and blog and a twitter Whch basically follows the life of "Oceans" from the partys to the women to the money and the music. Their creating a mixtape and have been leaking sngs This one is called So much swag with Bow wow on it. Its know..whatever.. lol. CHeck it out though.
Oceans 7- So much Swag

Amber Rose & Kanye

Their back!! But anyway..Everyone knows i have an infatuation with this woman she is just the epitome of bad

She showed off her new tatoo VIA twitter the other day..covering up her "Ernest" tatoo. The name of her boyfriend at 15. Clearly Kanye made her do that lol. Thats def a shot to someones ego esepcially one as huge as kanyes. She did a lip service About how she loves eating P***y. haha. I think i posted it? if not im going to FIND IT and post it lol.


This isnt the Recent but the recent one was boring...and i like this one because cousin Sassy is in it. ahah. Funny Stuff.

Congratulations to the MVP: LEBRON JAMES

If you know me i dont support the NBA like that so i haven't watched the regular season game in about a year so i wouldn't know if this is justified or not lol BUT as of late i AM a die hard BULLS fan so that series sucked me in and i now watch all the series..I miss the game i think thats why im so entertained but Lebron IS a really good player so Congratulations to him. He has a gold medal. The MVP award i guess all that is left is the ring...

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